Mission & Vision

The sponsors of the Company represents different business sectors of the country who felt the necessity of specialized service in the risk management of their own business enterprises as well as their peers in the business community. They also felt that the nationalized insurance sector would not be able to cater the need of changing demand of open market economy. The Vision, Mission and Objective of the Company are as follows


Vision is to make the Company an ideal one & create value for our clients and shareholders.


Mission is to become most caring Insurance Company with dedication, dynamism, innovation and client need based comprehensive service.


  • To maximize our service for the benefit of clients.
  • To create confidence and trust amongst the Insureds.
  • To increase value added services.
  • To maximize the profit of the Company.
  • To strive for creating a healthier environment for all our stakeholders.

Since its birth the Company strictly adheres to its goal and motto and earned a distinctive identity in the insurance arena of the country as an ardent follower of rules and regulations and ethics of insurance. The Company always stands by its commitment of quality service. It believes that satisfaction of the clients is the lasting asset which values above all.